Thursday, September 26, 2013

The 6th Kick Start To A New Career Seminar was successfully held

WOW TV was interviewing Mr. Eric Li
The 6th Kick Start To A New Career Seminar was successfully held on September 15 at North York Civic Centre. Vision Youth has endlessly dedicated to promoting young adolescents’ personal development, and this seminar was a joint effort by Vision Youth, Pui Ching School Alumni (Ontario) and Mr. Godwin Chan (Councillor of Richmond Hill). As the scale of the seminar this time was larger comparing to those organized in the last five years, many participants expressed that the seminar was utterly informative and very helpful. For instance, the organized invited elites from various professions (i.e. information technology, global marketing, urban planner, fire fighter, engineer, lawyer, dynamite and narcotics detecting technology, funeral service, etc.) who have provided valuable information regarding their own profession. Dr. Fung, a psychiatrist who is working in North York General Hospital, may be coming to give a talk next year. Therefore, people who missed the seminar this time must stay tuned for the one held next year!

Vision Youth Programs Presentation Board
We were happy to have 9 Gold Visioneers leading 7 Silver Visioneers to be the volunteers in the event. All of them showed outstanding organizational skill and leadership throughout the event. It is believed that helping out in events like this would be an invaluable opportunity for the Visioneers to practice the skills they learnt.

Mr. Luke Chan, Associate Vice-President (International Affairs) Professor of McMaster University, explained the to the parents the idea of “each profession has its own advantage” giving himself as one of the examples. He told the parents and the teenagers that the value of living was to do something you like and thus you could make every moment in your life worth. Besides, he advised the parents not to impose their expectations on their children.

Vision Youth and the organizing committee
Scott, one of the parent participants who came with his Grade 10 child, expressed that it was his first time to attend a seminar like such kind. He was very surprised to see so many guest speakers from diverse professions gathered in one place and he expressed his interest to seek neutral and useful advice from these professionals. Kevin, another parent participant, expressed that parents’ advices are not as comprehensive as that of the professionals. Therefore, by attending a career-oriented seminar like this, he believed that his child would learn to explore his career path in the future.

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