Tuesday, July 30, 2019



銅章學員於2019727日上午6:30聚集,到Mono Cliffs進行練習遠足。在遠足前,每隊需要討論和提交路線圖和膳食計劃,為遠足做好準備。


在練習遠足中,學員需要溝通和討論路線,從中訓練了他們的溝通技巧。 學員分工合作,從而了解自己的優點和缺點。


Monday, July 29, 2019

Practice Hike

Jodee Fok Wing Tung
The Bronzes gathered at 6:30 am to have their first hike at Mono Cliffs on 27th July 2019. Before the hike, each team needed to submit a route chart and meal plan. There was also a session for them to get more prepared for the hike. They hiked for approximately 6 hours in total with a lunch break in between.
The hike provided a great training ground for the Bronzes to practice what they have learnt in the previous sessions. They put their navigation skills in practice as the use of Google Map was prohibited during the hike. Apart from compass and map reading skills, they demonstrated how to tie various knots and set up tents to counsellors. At the same time, they needed to make lunch for themselves. Impressively, one of the teams cooked tomato spaghetti with meatballs.
Besides the above practical skills, the Bronzes had to make use of their communication skills and work together as a team to finish the hike. There were plenty of time for them to talk with each other and enhance the bonding. What’s more, they had to interchange the roles of each member as a navigator, timer, recorder, cheerleader and sweeper, which allowed them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.
Last but not least, the hike enabled the Bronzes to get in touch with the nature and appreciate the scenery from the top of the cliff. I believed that all of them enjoyed it very much and are looking forward to other coming outdoor activities.