Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Embarking on an exciting journey in this hot yet passionate summer

Mr. Eric Li, the representative of Chinese Family Services of Ontario and volunteers from Vision Youth
Due to rapid economic and information technology development and advancement, people’s lifestyles are becoming more hectic. Many people, especially new Chinese immigrants, are under intense pressure from the new living environment. Problems like problem gambling, domestic violence, etc. to a large part are derived from the drastic pressure that people are experiencing. In this case, more mental support provided to this group of people is essential in order to let them get into the Canadian society. Last Friday, a team of Vision Youth volunteers visited Chinese Family Services of Ontario to learn about the scope of services that the center provides as well as understand more about Chinese Canadians’ mental health issues like problem gambling, depression, domestic violence, etc. Dr. Li, a registered psychologist, also explained to the volunteers the career path of being a psychologist in Ontario and his plentiful experiences allowed the volunteers to know more about the career prospect of counseling and providing psychological services. 

Bronze Visioneers at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park
Starting from this week, Bronze Visioneers have gradually started embarking on their new and exciting journey in terms of outdoor trainings. They went to a practice hike trip, which was held in Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, to start their first hike in full hiking gear. First step is always the hardest. Some Visioneers would have a thought of giving up due to the long distance of the trip or other reasons. However, as supported and encouraged by other team members, these Visioneers could gain confidence and persist in finishing the trip since they have learnt that the real challenge (i.e. a more difficult qualifying hike) was yet to come and they ought to finish the practice hike trip in order to proceed. The counselors, who accompanied the Visioneers, expressed the idea that the more psychological struggles you had, the more you can learn from these sufferings. Also, the Visioneers had a deeper understanding toward the idea of perseverance and teamwork after the trip.

Silver Visioneers also spent a meaningful weekend with Vision Youth as they participated in City Mosaic, which was a program originated from Across U-Hub and co-designed by volunteers from Vision Youth, and had an exciting experience in downtown Toronto. City Mosaic aims to motivate young Canadians to explore downtown Toronto and learn the unique history, culture, architecture, minority cuisines, etc. of Toronto. Such an exploration and experiential learning opportunity deepened the participants’ understanding toward their living place as well as conveyed a message – unveil the mask and be open-minded to learn things behind could be beneficial to self-learning.

Gold Visioneers were enjoying the session
Besides Bronze and Silver Visioneers, Gold Visioneers also had a wonderful time in the weekend. They gathered around at Woodbine Beach Park and had team-building games together. The team bonding among these Visioneers has been strengthened as well.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


 文/ Icey Li

銅章學員於Mono Cliff合照
  本周起,展望青年的學員們陸續開始了他們的難忘之旅。展望銅章學員需要經過一次測試性質的徒步旅行才能正式參加接下來的考驗。展望銅章學員於7月20日上午7時集合,一行80餘人來到Mono Cliffs Provincial Park開始了他們的旅途。像曾經的那些銅章學員一樣,旅途中總會有學員因為體質原因落後或者意欲放棄,但是經過同隊人員的鼓勵與守候,這些學員能夠重拾信心,哪怕咬緊牙關也要堅持到底,因為他們知道這僅僅是一次測試性質的旅行,更嚴酷的挑戰還沒有到來。此行之中有不少成功取得金章的展望學員進行陪同,對於銅章學員的心思沒有人比他們更瞭解,因為從這些銅章學員身上他們能夠看到自己當年咬牙拼搏的影子。不少金章學員也紛紛表示,其實,越是經歷過反復心理鬥爭的學員,他們所收穫的越多,他們在此期間對堅持的理解,對團隊精神的認識能夠得到進一步的鞏固加深。


金章學員於Woodbine Beach的遊戲活動

  金章學員彼此間的默契是經過長期磨合而得來的產物。上周日,全體金章學員相聚於Woodbine Beach Park ,在遊戲之中加強團隊合作——這是展望青年寓教於樂的培訓模式的體現,也是成為領袖型人才所應當具備的精神。

Monday, July 29, 2013

Knowing thyself, knowing thy world – Vision Youth programs on personal development

Visiting a mosque

    The personal development workshop held in mid July provided a valuable chance for Bronze Visioneers to know more about themselves and set up their own values and goals. Many Visioneers claimed that the workshop was very helpful in a sense that they knew their own selves better than before.

    Mr. Duncan So, the founder of Phinklife Inc., was the speaker of the workshop. In the beginning, he threw out a very simple question to the Visioneers to think of, which was “What is a value to you?”. Then, he asked them to write down five important values that they treasured. The answers to this question varied from person to person: leadership, freedom, love, honesty, perseverance, etc. were the most popular answers but there were some awesome responses like trust, teamwork, humour and open-mindedness as well. This small test was to encourage the Visioneers to explore, know, and understand themselves.  As Mr. So mentioned in the workshop, the differences of how to look at the word “value” marked the differences and uniqueness of individuals. Also being reiterated by Mr. So for many times, people could achieve ultimate happiness through the process of knowing themselves and persisting on the way of life they want to have. Lastly, Mr. So ended his sharing with the statement “Follow your own dreams and aspirations, not someone else's”, and it was likely to be served as a very strong and encouraging statement to the Visioneers.

    Knowing yourself is a fundamental step in one’s life journey. Knowing the world is a more advanced step to go in order to survive in an immense and complicated society.

    Bronze Visioneers visited a Hindu Temple at Claireville Drive as well as a mosque at Nigget Avenue in mid July. The purpose of the site visits was not to promote any religious thoughts but to encourage Visioneers to embrace the multiculturalism and religious freedom that are having in Canada. Sometimes the best way to learn a new culture is to face it, not to evade it. In this case, Vision Youth hopes to encourage Visioneers to learn to respect different religions by showing different dimensions and perspectives of it. Religion serves as an important element in the development of societies, for example, the spectacular architectures, stunning arts and crafts works and classic documents that were originated from various religions depicted the idea of civilization as well as the unshakable status of religion in facilitating both social and cultural development. Religion serves as a spiritual asset to many people as believed. On this ground, visiting religious landmarks like temple and mosque enabled young Visioneers to learn and understand the world more and it surely was a mind-blowing and eye-opening experience to them. 

    "India was China's teacher in religion and imaginative literature, and the world's teacher in trignometry, quandratic equations, grammar, phonetics, Arabian Nights, animal fables, chess, as well as in philosophy, and that she inspired Boccaccio, Goethe, Herder, Schopenhauer, Emerson, and probably also old Aesop." Lin Yutang, a famous Chinese contemporary writer, described and portrayed India in his work “The Wisdom of China and India”. This quote was also marked on a stele inside the Hindu temple and showed the important role of religion in pushing a country’s development.

The spectacular Hindu Temple
    All Visioneers were stunned by the spectacular and glamorous Hindu Temple in front of them as the temple was built of more than 6000 tones of marble, limestone, sandstone and wood and it was crafted by 1500 artisans before it was moved to Toronto. The 95000 cubic-foot structure was like a splendid big puzzle. Visitors were required to dress up properly and decently and to take off their shoes before getting in the grand architecture. The Visioneers had an opportunity to learn a new culture through watching a documentary related to the building of the temple and observing the rituals of serving Hindu Gods. These unique experiences have enriched the participants’ knowledge of Hindu culture and religion aesthetics.

    Besides visiting the Hindu temple, the Bronze Visioneers had a chance to visit a mosque. A staff of the mosque introduced to the Visioneers the Muslim religion, cultures and rituals. One worth-mentioning Muslim culture is “Sawm” (meaning fasting in English). It means that Muslims are required to abstain from any eating and drinking for a month in order to experience the hardship and sufferings of other poor people and show respect and sincerity to Allah, the God of Muslims. The staff also expressed his strong hope for peace. After that, he encouraged the participants to raise questions so to let them understand Muslim cultures profoundly. Visioneers had questions on Muslim’s way of dressing and Muslim's view towards same-sex marriage:- the staff explained that the white outfits symbolize the idea of simplicity and innocence, and answered that Muslim respects same-sex marriage as they embrace other cultures as well.
    Both the workshop and the site visits provided the Bronze Visioneers with eye-opening learning opportunities. These experiences could broaden their horizons, push them to reflect on themselves, and shape their own personal and cultural values.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


文/ Icey Li


此次講座由Duncan So先生擔任主講嘉賓。講座開始他提問什麼是價值,一個簡單而常用的詞語,每個人都能解釋它的意思。而後,他讓每個在場學員寫出自己心中最有價值的5種精神,這5種精神能夠令自己感到無比快樂。這是對學員們人生觀的一個調查,經過思考,每位學員所寫內容都不盡相同,各種答案層出不窮,領袖力、自由、愛、誠實、幽默、堅持、團隊精神……從此可以看出不同人的價值觀是有所差異的,而正是這種差異將人們的特性展現,每個人都擁有自己嚮往的一種生活。Duncan So先生說,瞭解自己,知道自己想要什麼,並通過努力去實現,成為自己想要成為的人比盲目聽從他人的指揮更重要。將夢想告訴家人與朋友,堅持做自己,即使會有困難,也要大膽走向自己的未來。

展望青年銅章學員在本週六參觀了位於Claireville Drive的印度教寺廟和位於Nugget Avenue的清真寺。本次參觀宗教寺院的目的並不在於為任何宗教做宣傳,加拿大是一個崇尚宗教信仰自由的國家,展望青年希望學員們應該對不同宗教文化有一定的瞭解,能夠尊重不同的宗教信仰,並看到不同的宗教帶給人們的相同的正能量。宗教對社會的發展有不可代替的巨大作用,例如宏偉的建築,精美絕倫的繪畫,似真似幻的雕塑以及人類的智慧結晶的典籍。宗教的神聖能夠為信徒們創造無比的精神財富,即使是無神論者也能夠感受到其中的力量,折服於信徒的虔誠。





Personal Development – How Vision Youth cultivates Visioneers’ leadership skills through outdoor activities

Gold Visioneers successfully built a safe shelter for team use under an unfavorable weather
Bronze Visioneers were learning how to use an outdoor cooking stove
    Silver and Bronze Visioneers had an outdoor skills training session in early July at L’Amoreaux Park. The unstable and chilly weather did not upset Visioneers’ passion to learn, but rendered them cooperative to build up a stable shelter together. Such kind of adaptability and ability to work independently and cooperatively were not inborn skills as believed, but could be trained and nurtured through ceaseless learning and practicing. Gold Visioneers took the role of a coach in this outdoor skills training session. They passed on the skills they had learnt before to the Silver and Bronze Visioneers. Through teaching the younger Visioneers, the Gold Visioneers also had an opportunity to practice and refine the skills.

    Gold, Silver and Bronze Visioneers refer to the youth participants who would like to attain The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards (DEA) through comprehensive and rigorous trainings in four aspects: adventure, community service, physical fitness as well as other skills. Vision Youth encourages every participant to attain this award as it is worldwide recognized and served as a profound proof of all-round personal development. Besides DEA, Visioneers will also be participating in other programs like Toastmasters public speaking training, first aid training, Learning Experience through Artistic Performance (LEAP), as well as community service project, to develop their own potential to the fullest.

    Since 2001, Vision Youth has been organizing outdoor adventure camps every summer. To ensure safety of every Visioneer, Vision Youth organizes a series of outdoor skills training sessions prior to the start of the camps. Visioneers will learn how to use a compass, outdoor cooking stove and walkie-talkie, and how to set up a tent and apply first aid. Having these skills trained, Visioneers will be examined and checked if they have truly understood every skill they learnt. This is to ensure their understanding as well as their safety most importantly.

Bronze Visioneers were learning how to set up a tent
    The mission of Vision Youth is to inspire and coach our youth to become visionary leaders. Placing an emphasis on outdoor skills training and outdoor activities shows the vision and uniqueness of Vision Youth’s programs since participants could have learnt many useful skills such as leadership skill, interpersonal skill, outdoor skills, etc. through joining outdoor activities. Being a good leader is not as simple as one can think of. In Great Learning, one of the “Four Books” in Confucianism, mentioned the prerequisites of being a good leader, namely cultivate oneself, keep one’s family in order, run the country well, and bring peace to the world (修身﹑齊家﹑治國﹑平天下). Therefore, cultivating oneself is essential to success. Vision Youth provides young participants with ample opportunities to cultivate and develop themselves through organized physical and non-physical trainings. Having these essential skills trained and equipped, Vision Youth aspires to inspire Visioneers to build up healthy personal and cultural values as well as a global vision.

通過遠足露營等戶外活動提高學員的領導能力 ——展望青年獨樹一幟的人才培養模式

文/ Icey Li



  展望青年金章(銀章、銅章)學員是指渴望通過培訓獲得過愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫獎章(The Duke of Edinburgh's Award)的學員。獲得愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫獎章的青年都要在社會服務、遠足旅行、個人技能及文體活動等四項課程上達到要求。而展望青年領袖培訓計畫鼓勵每個學員都要考取該獎項,愛丁堡公爵獎章獲得世界承認,頒發金章的儀式大多時都會由加拿大總督主持,英國王室要員也曾來加國親自主持。而展望青年對學員的培訓並不局限於此,學員們還會參與到國際演講會(Toastmasters International)之中以及展望自行硏發的開展個人潛能的課程。每組六人的學員們也會執行由他們策劃的社區服務計劃。





Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Inspire and Coach – 2013 Vision Youth Programs Opening Ceremony

2013 Vision Youth Team
    June 30 was a big day for Vision Youth – around a hundred of young and energetic Visioneers, parents and committee members gathered together at the Scarborough campus of University of Toronto to celebrate the joy and happiness of having a new batch of Visioneers embarking on a new and exciting journey of the 2013 Vision Youth Bronze, Silver, and Gold Programs for the next six months. We were glad to have Mr. Peter Yuen, the staff inspector of Toronto Police Services, as the guest speaker in the opening ceremony. Mr. Yuen gave a speech on leadership, specifically stressed on the importance of having this quality and highlighted that students could train their leadership skill by practicing it. He also mentioned three insightful traits of a good leader, namely knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, communicating with others well, and striving to take action. His speech was inspiring and has been regarded by many Visioneers and parents.

            Mr. Eric Li, the Chairman of Vision Youth Leadership Program, mentioned the two Gold summer programs that were held last year in his welcoming speech. One was a meaningful trip to Vancouver, while the Visioneers got a chance to expose themselves to the First Nation’s history and culture. Having experiences of living in the inhabitants’ tents, hiking through the Rockies as well as visiting BarkerVille to explore the early Chinese gold mining history in Canada, the participants gained valuable eye-opening experiences. Another trip was to Dongguan, China, while the Visioneers joined a summer camp which led them to find their Chinese dissent and learn the Chinese heritage.

            In the opening ceremony, the program operation team introduced the organization and the program to both Visioneers and the parents. One special thing about Vision Youth is that the organization is operated by volunteers and it maintains program sustainability by inviting graduated Visioneers to become counselors or operation team members to lead a new team of Visioneers. Not only refining the skills they had learnt before, the counselors could practice leadership skills through leading and guiding the Visioneers. This year, nine counselors were awarded Ontario Volunteer Service Awards, affirming their effort and dedication to volunteer work.

            Besides, an orientation day was held on the day before the opening ceremony. Visioneers of all levels gathered around, met their teammates, counselors and program directors. The whole orientation program was organized and operated by Gold Visioneers and some graduated Visioneers. The participants learnt teambuilding skills and cooperation through games and team activities and developed an irreplaceable and precious bonding with the teammates. Mr. Benjamin Lo, a Gold Visioneer, commented that the orientation program, which was run by Gold Visioneers of similar age, could better allow Bronze Visioneers to get involved in a carefree and friendly environment. Also, he mentioned his exposure to the program enriched his life after joining Vision Youth when he was 14. With integrated skills like interpersonal skills, leadership skills and outdoor skills trained, he found himself becoming more mature and capable.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


文/ Icey Li



  6月30日下午,第13屆展望青年領袖培訓計劃開幕典禮於多倫多大學士嘉堡分校舉行。開幕活動吸引了包括學員與家長在內共200余人參加。開幕典禮有幸邀請到了多倫多警隊源植勉(Peter Yuen)總督察擔任主題演講嘉賓。源植勉總督察為在座學生及家長講解了教育的重要性,尤其提到了領導才能並不是與生俱來的,領導才能的顯著特點在於對自我的認知、與他人的互動交流以及勇於行動,這種技能可以通過訓練而有所提升。在演講的最後,源植勉總督察寄希望於學員,叮囑學員應做到肯定自我的價值,以成就書寫未來,貢獻社會。

  展望主席李樹德(Eric Li)在開幕典禮上提到2012年展望青年組織與溫哥華中僑互助會舉辦的的第五次交流活動意義非凡並且豐富多彩,了解原著民的文化及歷史,住原著民的錐形帳篷、徒步穿越洛磯山脈、到巴克維(BarkerVille)探討考察十八世紀末期中國人在加拿大掘金的生活。同樣在2012年,展望青年組織開展了一場尋根之旅,參加了中國東莞舉辦的海外華裔青少年夏令營。


開幕典禮的前一天,所有學員相聚一堂,銀章和銅章學員經過分組成立團隊。活動內容全部由展望青年的金章學員策劃、組織,彰顯了他們的管理才能。寓教於樂的趣味活動和展望成員的富有教育意義的報告交叉進行,全場氣氛融融,為銀章學員和銅章學員帶來了一場難以忘記的交流盛會。金章學員盧啓聰(Benjamin Lo) 談到了活動氣氛和諧,這種由同齡人組織的活動能夠使新學員們更加放鬆地享受著活動的娛樂性。盧啓聰在14歲加入展望青年,三年裡從一個銅章學員上升到金章學員,參與了無數活動,為他的課餘生活添上了一抹濃厚的姿彩,使他的綜合能力大大提升,相比於同齡人更加睿智。



【大紀元2013年07月16日訊】7月15日中午,2013年奧比斯拉飛機(ORBIS Pull)活動在多倫多國際機場聯邦快遞公司的停機坪舉行,炎炎夏日點燃人們參與慈善救助活動的熱情。此次活動目的在於為奧比斯兒童眼科治療項目籌款,用於發展中國家患有眼疾兒童的救治。

25名成員經過熱身之後參與到拉飛機活動中來,現場氣氛熱烈,參與者為能夠進入機長室而興奮不已。他們以自己的行為呼吁更多的同伴關心關注弱勢群體,為慈善之舉奉獻出自己的一份力量。 15日的活動,展望青年部分金章學員家長作為主力,為籌款做出了巨大貢獻,共計籌得加幣1560元。他們還與子女親身參與到拉飛機活動中來, 讓子女能夠深切感受到自己正在為全球需要幫助的眼疾兒童的康復,做出力所能及的貢獻。
展望青年領袖培訓計劃(Vision Youth Leadership Program)作為一個非營利性組織,宗旨在於幫助青少年培訓生活技能,培養社交能力,造就完美的心理素質以便將來更好地融入社會。展望青年除了關心培育學員之外,同時積極參與並主張學員們參與公益慈善活動。

Credit to: 大紀元新聞