Friday, July 7, 2017

VY Opening 2017: Off to a great start of the year!

By Hayley Ho
Vision Youth’s 2016-2017 Orientation weekend marked the official start of an exciting year ahead for Visioneers, welcoming many new and returning participants to embark and persevere on their journey to becoming visionary leaders!

Laughter, teamwork and festivities can be seen bright and early in Risebrough Park in Markham and throughout the orientation day. Kicked off with icebreaker games like Squirt, Huckle Buckle and Link Tag, Visioneers were given the opportunity to practice interpersonal skills in meeting new friends while being active on the field.

After a series of fun and warm up games, it was time for Visioneers to meet with their fellow teammates and counselors. This year, some Bronze Visioneers have the special privilege of having Gold Visioneers as one of their counselors, in hope to maximize both their learning experiences!

To boost the teams’ familiarity with one another, counsellors held many games like Name Game and Ninja. Silver Visioneers also took up the responsibility to plan and host various cooperative and team building games, such as obstacle courses, human knot and telephone Pictionary in the afternoon, training their creativity, leadership and communication. These fun activities, including exciting team cheers exposed Bronzes to physical activity, team work, communication and support.

Wrapping up the day with activities like European handball, bacon soccer and broken telephone, Visioneers are off to a great start of the year! 

Vision Youth’s Orientation day is just the beginning for many more meaningful steps to be taken for Visioneers!👍😁