Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vision Youth members were awarded 1st runner-up in The 5th Charitable Table Tennis Championship organized by Canada-HK New Horizon Lions Club

Vision Youth members and other winners
3 Vision Youth members participated in a table tennis championship that was organized by Canada-HK New Horizon Lions Club on September 21 and were awarded 1st runner-up. The money raised in this match will be donated to YMCA to support their daily operation. Three Vision Youth boys, Jako Ho, Jeremy Cheung and Calvin Cheung, participated in the table tennis matches and were very devoted in playing the games. Although they were not the champions, they have been trying their best to play and all of them have performed a high level of sportsmanship. Besides, a number of Bronze Vision Youth members and parents volunteered to help out in this event. This volunteerism, as advocated by Vision Youth’s community service education, was well illustrated by the members and parents’ proactive volunteering.

McNicoll Councillor Mr. Ho, the Chairman of YMCA Anthony, and Mr. Eric Li
Vision Youth has been placing the emphasis of leadership training on the education of community services. The tailor-made programs aspire to inspire and activate all Gold, Silver and Bronze members to design their own community service project using a project management framework. Proceeding to the next stage, these young adults will be devoting themselves to realizing their ideas. Distributing food to homeless people, advocating mental health among teenagers, promote environmental awareness, etc. These were some of the projects initiated in the past years.

Vision Youth’s own leadership training curriculum, programs and courses have been very interesting, appealing and thought-provoking to many young participants. However, in order to let the young members explore the outside world more, Vision Youth has been proactively generating collaboration opportunities with outside bodies. Vision Youth aims to convey a message of “humanities” to the young members and let them know the importance of having a balanced work-social life.  

Saturday, September 28, 2013


/Icey Li
展望金章學員Jako Ho
展望金章學員 Jeremy Cheung
展望銀章學員Calvin Cheung
9月21日,三名展望學員參加了由“加港新里程獅子會”舉辦的第五屆慈善乒乓球錦標賽,並在比賽中獲得亞軍成績。本次活動所籌款項將捐贈與YMCA。展望金章學員Jako HoJeremey Cheung同銀章學員Calvin Cheung參與比賽,比賽9點開始2點進入決賽階段,展望學員大顯身手,雖然與冠軍失之交臂,但是比賽的過程就是一個收穫的過程,相信他們所收穫到的遠遠超過了一個獎盃。同時,幾名展望銅章學員以及展望學員家長還參與到此次比賽之中作為志願者,這更加體現了展望青年服務社會的宗旨。

其實早在去年,Jako HoJeremey Cheung就已參加了第四屆比賽,他們當時為了比賽特地去報名參加培訓班,最終在比賽之中獲得了冠軍。今年的比賽他們準備的已經十分充分,但是對手的強大卻是出乎意料的。



 “展望青年”將于106日在North York Civic Centre與“加華1.5代”共同舉辦“大學成功學習的經驗及申請獎/助學金講座”。本次講座特別設立了普通話講座,普通話講座於上午10:0012:00,英語講座於下午2:004:00舉辦。活動將邀請到一些已經畢業了的展望學員,他們現已成為傑出的大學生,將用自己的經驗為大家帶來一場極具指引性的講座。部份的講者更是獎學金得主,他們將告訴同學們申請獎學金的竅門。

本活動同樣不需要任何費用,有興趣參加的人仕請電郵 登記,詳情請流覽網址 或致電 416-800-4040 查詢。

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The 6th Kick Start To A New Career Seminar was successfully held

WOW TV was interviewing Mr. Eric Li
The 6th Kick Start To A New Career Seminar was successfully held on September 15 at North York Civic Centre. Vision Youth has endlessly dedicated to promoting young adolescents’ personal development, and this seminar was a joint effort by Vision Youth, Pui Ching School Alumni (Ontario) and Mr. Godwin Chan (Councillor of Richmond Hill). As the scale of the seminar this time was larger comparing to those organized in the last five years, many participants expressed that the seminar was utterly informative and very helpful. For instance, the organized invited elites from various professions (i.e. information technology, global marketing, urban planner, fire fighter, engineer, lawyer, dynamite and narcotics detecting technology, funeral service, etc.) who have provided valuable information regarding their own profession. Dr. Fung, a psychiatrist who is working in North York General Hospital, may be coming to give a talk next year. Therefore, people who missed the seminar this time must stay tuned for the one held next year!

Vision Youth Programs Presentation Board
We were happy to have 9 Gold Visioneers leading 7 Silver Visioneers to be the volunteers in the event. All of them showed outstanding organizational skill and leadership throughout the event. It is believed that helping out in events like this would be an invaluable opportunity for the Visioneers to practice the skills they learnt.

Mr. Luke Chan, Associate Vice-President (International Affairs) Professor of McMaster University, explained the to the parents the idea of “each profession has its own advantage” giving himself as one of the examples. He told the parents and the teenagers that the value of living was to do something you like and thus you could make every moment in your life worth. Besides, he advised the parents not to impose their expectations on their children.

Vision Youth and the organizing committee
Scott, one of the parent participants who came with his Grade 10 child, expressed that it was his first time to attend a seminar like such kind. He was very surprised to see so many guest speakers from diverse professions gathered in one place and he expressed his interest to seek neutral and useful advice from these professionals. Kevin, another parent participant, expressed that parents’ advices are not as comprehensive as that of the professionals. Therefore, by attending a career-oriented seminar like this, he believed that his child would learn to explore his career path in the future.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


文/Icey Li
展望主席李樹德接受WOW TV 采訪
915日,第六屆"行行出狀元"青少年職業講座在North York Civic Centre 圓滿舉辦。展望青年十二年來一直致力於青少年成長培養,"行行出狀元"職業講座是展望青年和安省培正同學會、烈治文山市議員陳志輝的心血結晶,許多到訪人員均感歎本次講座無論是在規模上還是在內容上都十分出眾。這一屆的講座較之前五屆有著不小的突破,最令人欣慰的是主辦方能夠請到各行各業的精英現場講座,共有十名演講嘉賓他們分別從事資訊科技、環球銷售訓練、城市策劃師、消防員、工程師、律師、炸藥及毒品探測技術、殯儀服務、收益、環球工作策劃等行業。會後,主辦方還表示明年的講座將更加精彩,曾為展望學員家長做過“青少年睡眠品質與心理健康講座北約克綜合醫院精神醫學科研究部門主管與主治醫生馮偉麟先生將有可能加入明年的講座。


講座前的開幕禮主講嘉賓是來自麥克馬斯特大學(McMaster University)國際事務辦公室的副校長陳萬華,他用自己的經歷為到場聽眾詮釋了行行出狀元,並且告知學生及家長,人生的真正價值在於從事自己喜歡的工作,希望父母不必強加自己的期望於子女身上。(講座內容介紹請翻閱本報其他部分。)

陪同10年級孩子前來聽講座的家長Scott 表示,這是他第一次參與這個講座,來到現場之後給人的感覺便是十分震撼,沒想到這麼多各行各業的人士前來。他前來的目的主要是想聽取入行人的想法,相信他們會給出中肯的意見。另一名展望銅章學員家長Kevin表示家長能給孩子關於人生規劃的建議十分有限,家長往往只清楚自己的行業資料,想要給孩子指引也無從下手,目前他的孩子已經11年級了,將會面臨大學的專業選擇,所以這次講座相當於指路明燈,指引著青少年走向自己所嚮往的未來。

展望青年還將于106日在North York Civic Centre與“加華1.5代”共同舉辦“大學成功學習的經驗及申請獎/助學金講座”。本次講座特別設立了普通話講座,普通話講座於上午10:0012:00,英語講座於下午2:004:00舉辦。活動將邀請到一些已經畢業了的展望學員,他們現已成為傑出的大學生,將用自己的經驗為大家帶來一場極具指引性的講座。部份的講者更是獎學金得主,他們將告訴同學們申請獎學金的竅門。

本活動同樣不需要任何費用,有興趣參加的人仕請電郵 登記,詳情請流覽網址 或致電 416-800-4040 查詢。

LEAD 2013 – Leadership, Experience, Adventure and Development

2013 Gold Visioneers
2013 Gold Visioneers
 Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DEA) is one of the sixth key programs found in Vision Youth leadership training program. Since 1956, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has been supporting adolescents aged from 14 to 24 to actively participate in activities that shape well-being. DEA is worldwide recognized as an indicator of all-round personal development. Therefore, Vision Youth encourages every Visioneer to complete the award, which is beneficial to personal development as well as CV building. In Canada, DEA was first introduced in 1963. Since then, more than 500,000 young participants joined the award in different levels.

LEAD 2013
This year is the 50th anniversary since the DEA has been first introduced in Canada. DEA office organizes a series of events to celebrate the joy of the anniversary. LEAD is one of the major events that will be held to accommodate 100 DEA Gold participants from all parts of Canada to have leadership training. All 18 Gold Visioneers were gladly invited to participate in the one-week camp that was held in Kenora, Ontario.

The first five days of the camp focused on adventurous activities. For instance, the participants got involved in outdoor activities like canoeing, pitching the tent and shelter, archery and many other team building games. After that, all participants had a debriefing and exchange session in the last two days of the program. LEAD is an abbreviated form of Leadership, Experience, Adventure and Development. DEA aspires to train the participants with leadership and outdoor skills through experiential learning.

Jeff Ai
Jeff Ai, one of the Gold Visioneers, told us about his experiences in the camp. He expressed that all the participants were very friendly and talking to other people was like meeting old friends as they shared similar DEA experiences with each other. He also learnt about the importance of teamwork, cooperation and communication through joining and accomplishing different tasks and he thought the skills he acquired would be essential to his future development (both in school and workplace). Besides, he mentioned to us one of the most unforgettable experiences he had during the camp – a thunderstorm. He described the storm as the one that “he had never experienced before”. Despite the danger, Jeff told us that he treated such an experience as an once-in-a-lifetime experience and he even suspected that the thunderstorm was “manipulated” by DEA to test the participants’ problem-solving ability as well as teamwork. However, no matter what, such an experience indeed is a remarkable one and it gives the young adolescents an opportunity to show great courage throughout danger.  


/Icey Li

獲得愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫的獎章是展望青年對學員的重點培訓目標。愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫即“The Duke Of Edinburgh's Award”,由英國女王的夫君菲力浦親王(愛丁堡公爵)于1956年發起,鼓勵1424歲的年輕人參加社會活動,積極鍛煉身體,發展興趣愛好,並熱心助人,用樂觀的心態面對生活展望青年領袖培訓計畫鼓勵每個學員都要考取該獎項,“愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫”的獎章獲得世界承認,全世界眾多大學與企業雇主認同並高度評價該獎項。愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫”1963年傳入加拿大,已有超過500,000的年輕人接受訓練課程,挑戰金銀銅章。

今年正值愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫五十周年,愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫特別舉辦了一系列活動。對展望學員來說,本次LEAD主題訓練營是最具吸引力的一個活動了,18名展望金章學員全員參與。本次訓練營活動在Kenora, Ontario舉辦,為期一周,其中前五天都是各種野外活動,划船、搭帳篷、使用弓箭以及各種集體遊戲。最後兩天屬於交流會,來自全國各地的年輕人相互交流,討論著樂於將愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫的精神發揚出去。其主題是LEAD,代表著LEADERSHIP(領導才能), EXPERIENCE(身體力行), ADVENTURE(冒險主義) DEVELOPMENT(認知開發),包括展望青年在內共88名參與者。展望金章學員在此次訓練營活動中接觸到了來自全國各個省份的年輕人,在相互交流中增長了見識並提高了個人能力。

展望金章學員Jeff Ai熟練使用弓箭
展望金章學員Jeff Ai表示,由於有著相同的奮鬥目標——獲得愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫金章,以及相似的奮鬥史——各種磨練人們意志的遠足訓練營活動,展望學員與其他參與者交流之時好似多年未見的朋友一般,親切且有著聊不完的話題。活動顧問對所有參與者的照顧也十分周到耐心。這種氣氛讓人倍感親切,增長見聞,融洽的交流,令人讚歎的團隊合作精神,完全區別於一般的夏令營。尤其是團隊精神,在以後的學習生涯和職業生涯之中將發揮不可磨滅的作用。在這次訓練營活動之中,Jeff還經歷到了他從未遇到過的一場大風暴。展望金章學員絕對不缺少野外露營的經歷,但是這次的風暴實屬罕見。起初只是能夠感受到遠方雷電交加,過了一段時間雷雨隨風而至,其中還夾雜著冰雹,他們小組五個人在一個帳篷之內,每個人都要死守一個角落才能避免帳篷飛起來。Jeff回想起來仍舊有些後怕,但是他說這種經歷一生難遇,他甚至懷疑這次的風暴是愛丁堡公爵獎勵計畫訓練營活動的一個測試環節,測試大家的隨機應變能力和團隊協作能力,同時也是冒險主題的一個內容。多一種險惡經歷就多一份勇氣,這對日後的人生也大有裨益。

Monday, September 16, 2013

How to be successful in University education and applying for scholarship?

Vision Youth Leadership Program presents:
Transition to University and Scholarships
-  How to be successful in University education and applying for scholarship?
Time: October 6th 2013 (Sunday)
          02:00 pm  – 04:00 pm

Location:    North York Civil Center Council Chamber
                ( 5100 Yonge Street, North York )

For more information, please visit  or email : or call 416-800-4040
This is a Free seminar.  Please register by emailing





North York Civil Center Council Chamber, 5100 Yonge Street, North York

416-800-4040 查詢。


有興趣參加的人仕請電郵 登記

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Success cannot be quantified but qualified – 6th Career Seminar

"Everyone is different. Find the career that fits you."

Seminar press conference
It might not be true though, but many adolescents may regard their source of pressure to their parents. Certainly speaking, most of the parents have a broader exposure and life experiences and therefore they view things from a more mature, comprehensive and practical perspective. Like when their children are still dreaming about some fancy stuff, the parents have already planned a “golden” path for the children. Getting into the best university, studying the best profession, entering the best corporation, etc. these are likely the most realistic wishes that parents have in their mind. Like the definition of success is defined by the name of the university, the speciality of the profession and the amount of income. However, such a mind set is dangerous and may adversely lead to two extremes – (i) children become too dependent, over-relying on parents; (ii) children become rebellious. For many new Chinese Canadian immigrant parents, they have limited knowledge of the career prospect in Canada and thus are clueless to give advice to their children. Focusing on the situation found in Chinese Canadian community, the seminar this time encouraged parents to take a more open-minded perspective in dealing with children’s career choices. Strictly speaking, parents’ role is best to be a coach rather than a dictator controlling and determining all children’s matters.

Life is only one take. Finding the things you love and doing the things you love are the two most important things among all the others.

Poster for the 6th Annual Kick Start to A New Career Seminar
The seminar will be held at 10:30 a.m. on September 15 at North York Civic Centre Council Chamber Committee Room 1-4 on 5100 Yonge Street, North York, Ontario. It is free of charge. Please apply online in

Besides, Vision Youth is going to organize “Transition to University” seminar on October 6 at the same location. The seminar intends to provide young participants with a clearer picture of what each university and profession looks like. For people who are interested in the seminar, please send an email to including your name and contact information.